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There's a reason we say The Smoothest Path to your bachelor's degree is at Bellevue University.

If you have earned your associate's degree...

Transferring from Davidson County Community College to Bellevue University with your associate's degree is an excellent decision! Your associate's degree will fulfill the 36 credit hour General Education Core Curriculum requirement for your bachelor's degree.

Enrolling with ALL the credit in your associate's degree also covers a significant amount of electives requirements. If you find yourself needing additional credits, we recommend that you complete them at Davidson County Community College. Elective credits will only transfer if they are 100 level or higher, with a grade of C or better.

If you have accumulated close to 60 credit hours...

An Admissions Counselor at Bellevue University will review any credits previously earned to determine how they will be applied toward your general education or elective requirements. Your admissions counselor will then work with you to develop a degree completion plan.

If you have some credits, but not enough to start an accelerated degree completion program...

Students who enter a Bellevue University degree completion program should have an associate's degree or about 60 credit hours. This ensures that all students in the program have the academic background necessary to begin their degree completion program. Accelerated degree courses start at the 300 level.

If you have not earned an associate's degree, or have fewer than 60 credits, your Admissions Counselor will complete an evaluation showing which requirements you've met, and which courses you will need to complete.

You may also find it beneficial to complete more courses at Davidson County Community College to meet those requirements before starting at Bellevue University.

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